Pay with Visa, Master Card, Maestro (Online shop). Send us your films: RUNDMAN GmbH (ExpressDigitalisieren.de), Spilves Str 35 - 53, Latvia, Riga, Europe, LV1055 (Please send letter/pack as signed letter). If you want us to record your material not only on CD but also on your USB, you can send us your material together with USB. We will record everything on USB and send everything back. USB should be completely empty because we should flatten it before recording.


We process your digitization order within 3 days.
"ExpressDigitalisieren.de" customers can rely on the highest quality. Should there nevertheless be demonstrable defects in the dubbing, of course we will take over the digitization again or you will get your money back.
Giving your private videos into someone else's hands requires trust. We at "ExpressDigitalisieren.de" are aware of this responsibility. We do everything to ensure that your films are not harmed by us, get lost and unauthorized third parties can view or copy them. Privacy and discretion are capitalized on "ExpressDigitalisieren.de".


We will send back your material with the DVD. If you want to be on the safe side, we send the originals and DVDs in separate letter to avoid loss. Every commodity we ship is insured for transport. If a consignment is damaged during transport or in the case of incomplete delivery, it must be complained within 48 hours, accompanied by a written statement of facts by the freight forwarder, courier or carrier, otherwise the claim for compensation expires.

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